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Re: [Orekit Developers] Minor (documentation) source code change process

Hank Grabowski <hank@applieddefense.com> a écrit :

Hello all,

Hi Hank,

Someone on my team flagged a minor Javadoc documentation error.  In the
past I would have directly changed it no the development branch but since
we went to the new git flow model I wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping
out of line at all.  Do I need to create an Issue, a subsequent branch to
fix it, and then a merge request to get the correction or can I just make
the change on the development branch as before?

For very small changes that do not need to be really found back later on
again, you could directly change it on the developers branch.

Opening a new issue and setting up a branch is worthwhile when we want to
be able to go back to the issue. This may be because of importance of the
issue, because of size of the fix, because of number of commits to get the
fix right or any other reasons developers can think about. A minor javadoc
error does not seem to be worth the pain.

best regards,