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Re: [Orekit Developers] Data-related exceptions

"JEANDROZ, Yannick [FR]" <yannick.jeandroz@airbus.com> a écrit :

Maybe we should move the poll on the users list?


Good idea ! Maybe with some indication of the amount of work
required for each solution ? Here is my opinion on the matter :

1) change a few checked exceptions to unchecked => some work
2) change all checked exceptions to unchecked => the easiest solution
3) use standard java exceptions (IOException, ...) => lot of work
4) create a few different Orekit exception for different errors => lot of work
5) use a small Orekit hierarchy with an easy to catch top level => some work
6) only 2 or 3 exceptions : (maybe one checked), one runtime, one error => relatively easy


I have switched the discussion of the users list (I think most of you
are also subscribed to this list). Please continue discussion there
and add your name and preferences there.

best regards


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