A spacecraft 3D attitude visualization tool for mobile devices

Stavor 2.2 released, get it!

What is it?

A spacecraft 3D attitude visualization tool

Stavor stands for Spacecraft Three-dimensional Attitude Visualization using Orekit library.

It is an application for smart-phones and tablets used to visualize the attitude and orbit information of a simulated spacecraft in three-dimensional and cartographic environments.

Stavor allows you to learn and teach about space mechanics in new-generation devices, mobile and tactile. But Stavor can also enhance your space mission simulations with visualizations focusing on some not-so-intuitive properties of trajectories and attitude.

Free (open source) software

Stavor is freely available both in source and binary formats, with all related documentation and tests.

Stavor is distributed under the Apache License version 2.0, a well known business-friendly license. This means anybody can use it to build any application, free or not. There are no strings attached to user code.

Who is behind it?


Stavor has been in development since 2014 inside CS GROUP and is still used and maintained by its dual teams of space dynamics and mobile applications experts.

The official repository is hosted on Orekit infrastructure. A mirror is maintained on GitHub to ease contributions.

Stavor in action


Two dedicated 3D views for checking attitude parameters and a more classical views for the trajectory of the spacecraft.

Stavor attitude   Stavor informations   Classical view on the map